About Officine S.r.l.

“Reverence for the past and responsibility for the future provide the right approach to life.” - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Our history

After the Second World War there was a desire of rebuilding, of starting a new life leaving behind that tragedy and looking forward.

In this difficult, but incredibly intense context, Alvaro Leoncini and Giuseppe Scarpellini, in their early twenties, were driven by the desire of building their own future and opened a mechanic’s workshop for the building of moulds for glassware by using their few financial resources.

It is the 1948 when the “Scarpellini e Leoncini S.n.c.” was born.

Tuscany has always been characterized by glass and crystal production. The area between Empoli, Colle di val d’Elsa and San Giovanni Val d’Arno is full of all kind of glass production. Here, the “Scarpellini e Leoncini S.n.c.” builds its experience in the moulds construction.

Over time, the company grows in size and technology and in 1977 it moves in a new structure, changing name in "Officine S.r.l.".

In the 80s, the second generation joined the company and Officine S.r.l. renews and strengthens its position in new international markets. Consequently, it increases its experience and support new and old customers in order to produce the best equipment for the needs of each glassware.

Since 1996, certified by D.N.V., the system that manages product quality follows the UNI EN ISO 9001 requirements.

Meanwhile, the third generation came into the company…

Our Mission

Our Mission is to guarantee to customers high quality standard of the products and services offered.

We always make our experience available to our customers in order to provide a cooperation, which is be able to face any production requirements and to find the best solution with commitment, efficiency and professionalism.

The high professionalism of our team allows us to assist our customers at all stages, from the mould design to the end product.


  • High precision mechanical processing
  • 3D Modelling
  • CAD / CAM
  • Milling of 3D shapes
  • High speed milling
  • C.N.C. EDM
  • C.N.C turning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Manual engraving
  • Dimensional and shaped check